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Installing an air conditioner isn’t a simple matter. You want to make sure you get the right unit. That can depend on a wide range of factors and the technicians at NW Solutions Heating & Air LLC, will make sure your air conditioner installation in Vancouver, WA goes flawlessly.

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The first thing our technicians do is inspect your existing unit if you have one. You may have a simple mechanical problem, or it may be time for a new unit. We want to rule out repairs before moving forward with the installation of a new air conditioner. That way you get the most cost-effective option.

Deciding on the right AC unit means considering your choices. These may vary depending on your heating system, building size, and efficiency desires. Just some of the system types you may want to consider include:
Air Conditioner Installation Vancouver WA

  • Split system – These central air conditioners rely on an indoor evaporator coil to remove moisture and heat. The outdoor portion of the unit releases heat from the condenser coil and moves refrigerant between both coils. If you have a central furnace this is a very attractive option. They can share both ducts to reduce installation costs.
  • Heat pumps – These units are incredibly effective. Though they don’t work well in extreme temperatures, moderate zones like the Northwest are perfect for them. They pump and extract heat depending on the weather outside. Because they act as independent heat exchangers, they typically cost less to power.
  • Packaged central air conditioners – These are often used in commercial buildings. One of the big benefits of packaged units is that they combine features into one package. The compressor, condenser, and evaporator will all be positioned in the same place.
  • Ductless mini-split systems – The best part of a ductless system is just that, it’s ductless. That makes them perfect for retrofitting. They also allow you to control the temperature independently from room to room. That can really save money on cooling over time.

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