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Air Conditioning Companies in Vancouver WA

Like any home service, deciding between air conditioning contractor companies in Vancouver can be a big decision. Home and business owners want to make sure they find a company with which they can build a rapport.

At NW Solutions Heating & Air, LLC we help you consider your options before making assumptions about your needs. We know all about Northwest homes, and what type of maintenance they require to maintain the temperature you want year-round.

At NW Solutions we know all about Northwest homes. AC considerations are different here, and the long winters and rainy days must be taken into consideration. That’s why we only use high-quality units for heating and cooling that are properly sized for your home. This guarantees you’ll get the correct amount of circulation and a unit that doesn’t wear out prematurely.

We nurture honesty and transparency in our line of work. See how we're different.

Choose the customer-focused air conditioning company that knows how to balance your needs with professional knowledge.

Comprehensive Heating Solutions for Vancouver Homes

  • Heating Installation and Replacement: Our technicians take the time to install a system correctly and precisely. That means proper sizing and usage evaluation. Many buildings use under- or over-sized heating systems. These are inefficient and wear down more quickly. We will calculate your actual usage needs, and identify the systems that provide you with the greatest energy efficiency versus heat output for your building.
  • Heating Repair: Problems can occur at any time. When it comes to heating, Vancouver residents know we provide fast emergency services in addition to scheduled repairs. Heating repair services always begin with a complete diagnosis. Identifying the problem in full allows for quick and accurate repair work. Our technicians also look at other common problem areas in your heat pump or furnace to make sure nothing else will go wrong.
  • Heating Maintenance: The average life span of a furnace or AC unit is 12 – 15 years. Maintenance services can greatly extend this. That odd furnace sound might indicate a problem! No matter what system you have, we provide two ways to maintain your heater. On-call maintenance provides service when you want it. Seasonal services are great for scheduled prevention, and remove the guesswork from your HVAC system maintenance. We know our comprehensive inspections will turn up any potential issues in your heating system, and we’ll quickly fix any problems we find.

A Local Air Conditioning Company with Deep Local Roots
Vancouver WA Air Conditioner Company

Choosing local air conditioning companies like ours means your technicians are your neighbors and community members. We don’t cut any corners and our focus is strictly on doing what’s right for you. That means open communication throughout the process.

Our technicians are happy to answer any questions you may have about our air conditioning services no matter what they are. We’re happy to go into detail regarding technical decisions and the hows and whys that determine our air conditioning unit recommendations.

We can’t wait to help you achieve a more comfortable home with a newer, better, more efficient air conditioning replacement. There is a wide range of options available and we provide complete, thorough, and tested installation. We can even haul your old unit away! Call or contact us today to get local service from an air conditioning company that truly cares.