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Air Conditioning Replacement Vancouver WA

Need a New Air Conditioner in Vancouver WA?

air conditioning replacement vancouver

When you’re ready to replace your air conditioning unit, finding the right unit is critical. But chances are your old unit is, well, old. And new units have so many features, it’s hard to know what’s necessary and what’s a gimmick.

At NW Solutions Heating & Air, LLC we prioritize and value of great customer service. That means honest estimates, high-quality work, and most importantly, an air conditioning replacement that’s correctly fitted for your home. Not everyone needs wifi-enabled thermostat controls or units that cool the entire house versus just the primary rooms. We listen to your needs and never sell systems that don’t make sense for your home or budget.

Contact us today and get the AC unit that’s right for you.

When is it time to replace your air conditioning unit?

A central air conditioner typically lasts between 15 and 20 years. Without regular maintenance, this number can be much lower. Just like furnaces, AC units lose efficiency every single year. This can really add up and may be as high as 5% per year. If you aren’t sure whether to replace or repair your unit, follow this simple rule.

Can a replacement save me money? Sometimes, replacing an air conditioning unit can cost less than repairs in a matter of years. New units operate more efficiently and work better, so in a couple of years, you could be saving money on an AC unit that works better!

Some other important considerations are:

  • Whether or not your unit is leaking freon.
  • How long you plan on living in the home.
  • Your current monthly energy costs.
  • Whether your existing unit is correctly sized.

Get AC Replacement Only When You Need It

Our technicians work for you. That’s why we take the necessary steps to ensure your unit needs replacing.

  1. ac installation service vancouverEvery visit begins with a unit inspection. We’ll inspect your current air conditioner or heat pump and determine what is wrong. We’ll let you know if repairs are more cost-effective, or if we recommend replacing your air conditioning unit.
  2. We correctly size every replacement. Our technicians perform the necessary math to determine airflow, efficiency, and what units are properly sized for your home. That way you don’t waste money, energy, and the lifespan of your new system.
  3. We install and haul. Our air conditioning company will not only install your replacement AC unit in your home and remove your old one. This means all you have to do is enjoy your new, more comfortable home.

Contact us to get started!

We’re proud to be your local HVAC company in Vancouver WA. When you need to know a replacement is truly the best option, we’re the company to call. Just call or contact us today to schedule an appointment and get started.