Ductless Mini Splits Vancouver WA

Cool and Quiet Ductless Mini Splits

ductless mini splits Vancouver WA

You may not know how practical ductless mini-splits are for Vancouver, Washington homes. With only a few weeks in the year requiring air conditioning, smaller, more specified cooling makes sense for homes in this area.

These systems are fundamentally different than central air conditioning in a number of ways. They do have one major thing in common, though — mini split systems must be installed by professionals.

Our air conditioning contractors know where to position air handlers for maximum cooling and efficiency. In addition to quiet operation, flexibility, and single room cooling, these systems offer more benefits than traditional varieties. Call NW Solutions Heating & Air, LLC and discover the latest in advanced home cooling.

Enjoy all the benefits ductless mini-splits have to offer!

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A ductless mini-split air conditioning system comes with some amazing benefits

  • Mini splits make retrofitting a breeze. Because they don’t require a ducted system to function, ductless splits are perfect for retrofitting. We can install this system in nearly any home. Air exchangers may be more obvious, but you’ll never have to worry about cleaning ducts again.
  • Ductless air conditioners are more efficient. Efficiency increases occur at several levels. These systems don’t have to work as hard without ducts. They can also cool individual rooms. That means individuals can get the room temperature they want.
  • An air conditioner split system is flexible and safe. On a ductless system, the outdoor-to-indoor unit connection only requires a 3-inch hole. This improves the safety of your home. The flexibility of these systems means we can set them up however you like. Rooms can be cooled individually or in specific zones.

Interested in Upgrading Your Cooling System to a Ductless Air Conditioner?

ductless mini splits Vancouver WAWe’ll help you determine which incentives and rebates are available thanks to your new system. These can help drastically lower the initial cost.

You may not have realized how much ducts can cost you either. Energy loss in a ducted system could be as high as 30%. Our ductless system installations in Vancouver, WA eliminate that loss. You’ll save more on every single bill now and into the future.