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Furnace Repair Vancouver WA

Reliable Furnace Repair for Vancouver Homes and Businesses

furnace repair vancouver

Winter is a long season in the Northwest, and going without a furnace just isn’t an option. If your furnace is showing signs of wear, acting up, or completely unusable, call the experts at NW Solutions Heating & Air, LLC.

With so many repair and maintenance options out there, it’s important to choose a heating company that understands your system, whether it’s an inclusive HVAC, furnace, or boiler. At NW Solutions Heating & Air, we provide full heating services, from installations as and heater repairs to the maintenance of your existing systems.

Our certified air conditioning contractors offer comprehensive furnace repair in Vancouver, so you can stay warm in the cold winter months. We’re versatile and can perform complete diagnostics and repairs on all furnace makes and models.

Don’t Let Furnace Issues Affect Your Comfort

Furnaces are complex. Whether your furnace is central warm air, hot water, heat pump, electric, room, or pipeless, problems can occur. An issue in one area will often affect another, and our skilled technicians can effectively diagnose these problems.

We know the interdependence of furnace parts, and will check potentially affected parts to make sure your furnace is completely repaired, and no issues come up later. Some problems we fix include:

  • Not enough airflow to gas furnace
  • Furnace isn’t producing heat
  • Pilot light will not stay on
  • Heating bill is unusually high
  • System will not turn on
  • Thermostat is malfunctioning
  • Fan is continually running
  • Furnace is cycling too rapidly
  • Excessive noise from operation
  • Furnace continually running

Along with furnaces, our team can install and replace air conditioners too!

Repairs for A Variety of Furnace Models

Most Vancouver residents heat their homes with a furnace or boiler, but since the winters are so long here, furnaces get a thorough work-out every year. This means they need service more often, and may even need upgrading to newer, more efficient models.

Not sure if we service your particular furnace? Chances are, we do! But we also like to share our expert knowledge with our customers, so here are the common types of furnaces we service:

  • Natural gas furnaces
  • Condensing furnaces
  • Electric furnaces

We Offer Furnace Repair When You Need It

furnace maintenance vancouverWe offer both scheduled and emergency furnace repair for your home or business, providing 24-hour emergency service if you feel there is a fire or health hazard. That’s because our certified and experienced technicians come prepared. Our vehicles are stocked with the necessary tools to perform repairs, and a wide range of high-quality replacement parts. We

This allows us to get to work quickly, providing on-site repairs so you can get full functionality from your furnace. Diagnostics are performed in full before we begin repairs. This approach allows for targeted, time-saving repairs and a full inspection of all negatively impacted areas. Technicians help keep costs low for you by gathering all necessary information ahead of time, working quickly, and performing all repairs on site. Call us for quality furnace sales, repair, removal, and installation today.

Contact us for Furnace Service Today

When you want fast, efficient, and friendly furnace repair from an affordable local furnace repair company, you’re in the right place. Don’t let your furnace sit idle. Call or contact us for affordable local furnace repair services today.