Furnaces Vancouver WA

Furnaces in Vancouver WA by NW Solutions Heating & Air, LLC

We Offer Sales, Installation, and Service for All Types of Furnaces

Don’t wait until another cold snap to address the weird noise that’s coming from your furnace! The air conditioning contractors at NW Solutions Heating & Air, LLC can help diagnose and fix any model in your home or office.

Our certified repair team can check all the interconnected parts of your central warm air, hot water, heat pump, electric, room, or pipeless system and offer the best and most affordable solution.

What kind of furnace do you have in your home?

Most Vancouver residents heat their homes with a furnace or boiler, but since the winters are so long here, furnaces get a thorough work-out every year. This means they need service more often, and may even need upgrading to newer, more efficient models.

Not sure if we service your particular furnace? Chances are, we do! But we also like to share our expert knowledge with our customers, so here are the common types of furnaces we service:

  • Natural gas furnaces
  • Condensing furnaces
  • Electric furnaces

Common furnace and thermostat repair issues

Furnaces and thermostats are wonderful luxuries when they’re working, but when they fail, homeowners are faced with an intimidating challenge. Fortunately, there are furnace repair pros in the area who are happy to solve these issues for you. Give us a call if you are having trouble with any of the following:

  • Airflow blockages
  • Cool or cold air coming from vents
  • Pilot light won’t stay on
  • Significant increase in heating costs
  • Heat won’t turn on

  • Thermostat not displaying properly
  • Fan won’t turn off
  • Furnace cycling too fast
  • Strange noises coming from unit
  • Furnace running too long

If Your Furnace is Giving You Heating Problems, Call Us!

furnaces Vancouver WAGive us a call anytime to schedule an appointment for service. We also provide 24-hour emergency service if you feel there is a fire or health hazard. Our repair techs are equipped with the latest tools and technology to help get your home heating back on track.

Technicians help keep costs low for you by gathering all necessary information ahead of time, working quickly, and performing all repairs on site. Call us for quality furnace sales, repair, removal, and installation today.

Our service area includes all of Vancouver, from the Old Evergreen Highway to Vancouver Mall and SR-500.